What is Trendacle?

Glad you asked.  Trendacle is a multi-tentacled cephalopod, who wants to help you and make friends.  You see, Trendacle can have as many tentacles as you give him.  Each tentacle is full of suckers capable of..  sucking…  Allow me to explain.

Suppose you enjoy games.  You have a few websites about games you like, but you probably visit one more often than others.  Maybe because other sites are slow to release new content,  or maybe this site has better user reviews.  Nonetheless, visiting just one website gets redundant, and others get lost and forgotten inside your bookmarks folder.  Trendacle can help you see what all these websites are doing simultaneously, and keep you informed about whats new, without the need to revisit a website only to see old content.

The world wide web is a vast information source.  Whether you want to look through the wealth of educational material available through MIT’s Online Courses, share with the world your new conspiracy theory, or watch funny videos of other people’s cats (seriously, just go adopt one), the internet delivers at your request.  However, the internet is tremendous and you feel some guilt after having watched a 10 hour long video of nyan cat.  Even worse is finding yourself on that weird side of the internet where you question why you would ever click such a link.

Trendacle provides you with the fast lane approach to information you want, from the sites you want, when you want it.


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